Sotterly Estate


big oakSotterley's 160 hectare (400 acre) woodland has oak-dominated mixed broadleaves on clay soil, and mixed conifers on the lighter land. Managed under a 20-year Forest Plan, the woods have won numerous awards, including the Duke of Cornwall's Award for Forestry and Conservation in 1997. In 1996, the Forestry Commission designated Sotterley woodlands a Centre of Excellence for growing timber in environmentally sound ways.

Sotterley is known for its fine English oak grown on a rotation of 140 years. Seedlings are planted at densities between 6,600 and 10,000 trees per hectare, with only those of superior provenance selected for planting. Typically, oak at Sotterley grows with ash over hornbeam, hazel and other native underwood.

In 2014, the Royal Forestry Society awarded the estate First Place in their Best of England Silviculture competition. 


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Prices are by negotiation unless otherwise stated.

Ash - Good quality standing ash, 40-70 years
Call Andrew Falcon on 07774 694771

Other products
Hazel - Small quantities standing 6 - 8 years growth
Wholesale Firewood - mixed hardwood stacked at rideside in 4-metre lengths.
Call Simon Thompson on 07710 497828


master oakFor small operators and home users - Felled and windblown hardwood as it lies. Standing coppice of 40 years growth is also available.

Quality chipwood - suitable for heating.




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