Horse Trails


  1. Riders must hold a current Third Party Insurance Policy for £2.5 million
  2. The License is for one season – February 3rd – September 30th
  3. Riders must wear a hard hat (which falls within current British Standards) and the issued number arm band or wrist band
  4. Riders must keep to the marked trails at all times.  Do not ride on meadows, headlands, tramlines, crops, cultivation or set-aside land (see map)
  5. Do not ride on public footpaths.  Where the trails cross footpaths or where a footpath follows a farm track show courtesy to walker
  6. Smoking is prohibited
  7. Dogs are prohibited
  8. Trails may be closed or diverted at anytime due to ground conditions or other factors.  Where possible, an alternative route will be indicated
  9. The license is for daylight riding only
  10. Jumps and obstacles must only be used by people who are experienced cross country riders who are capable of jumping the size of jump available and can control their horse / pony in open spaces
  11. Parking is available at Crowfoots Farm NR34 7TZ; a map will be issued once payment has been received
  12. Any unauthorised use of the trails e.g. motor bikes, pedestrians, unlicensed riders, dangerous riding – should be reported to the Estate Office – Tel: 01502 575667
  13. The Estate retains the right to revoke the license at any time without explanation
  14. I agree to abide by the rules, and I understand that I ride on the Sotterley Estate entirely at my own risk, and that the Estate does not accept liability for any loss or injury to the Horse, Rider or Third Parties